Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Favorite Presentation

I enjoyed the presentations by Jessica, "Clemson's Master Plan." I think it was extremely interesting to obtain an insight into Clemson plan over the next 50 years. Jessica presented the information very well through visual aid and architectural outlines. Its hard to imagine downtown Clemson looking any different than it does right now. I could never see an Old Navy or Target along the same street as Judge Keller's, which has been there since our grandparents were teenagers. I feel by adding these commercial stores the historic "feel" would be taken away. I enjoy the small shops that are dedicated to selling Clemson apparel and merchandise and the famous strip of bars such as Tiger Town Village and TD's. Planting an enormous commercial building would overpower the quaint downtown area that's busy with shoppers during the day and rowdy with students at night. Many relatives and friends that I know whom have come to Clemson always tell me how the campus is so beautiful and well-maintained. I am very interested in the development of Clemson and its future plans. I really love the rural, tightly-knit, small college town atmosphere the city of Clemson provides and hope that it will not change.

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