Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mock Interview Reflection

Throughout my interview, I felt comfortable and relaxed. While job searching I think it will be best if I can interview as much as possible, even if I have no intentions of taking the job, in order to gain experience, self-confidence, and comfort with the process. I also think it is a good way to become acquainted with many of the questions interviewers will ask a prospective employee. The questions that I was asked during my mock interview were extremely realistic and made me think on my toes, but before I responded I listened to the questions, collected my thoughts, and gave intelligent answers. I have been told repeatedly that a well-written paper can be tarnished by a lousy presentation and a lousy paper can be resurrected by a strong presentation. I believe the same applies in an interview. You may have the necessary credentials, but if you are unable to communicate well and portray low self-confidence you most likely will be rejected. So, the optimal solution is to have the necessary credentials and present yourself well during the interview. I believe the mock interview conducted in English 304 is an extremely influential process of learning how to interview properly. Because of this experience I have a better overall understanding of what is to be expected during an interview, how to write a application letter, and how to compose an action-oriented resume.

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Angie_R said...

I completely agree! The resume and cover letter... even the portfolio are really important. But in the end, that interview is the final impression that you give the person who will make the decision. If you really connect well with that person, they might select you over a candidate who appears more qualified on paper.

You did a nice job!