Sunday, January 20, 2008

We Are A Digital World

The digital world is tricky in the advantages and disadvantages it contains. This current day and age is a digital world. The digital world keeps us up to speed with our fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyles. We can exchange emails with co-workers within our own city, country or the world. Communication that used to take days, now takes seconds. There is a chain reaction in the work force: speed can only increase efficiency, which increases production and results in decreased costs and increased profits. Information, past and present, is able to be stored and easily accessed on the Web. The Web provides us with real-time updates and current news articles that offer picture, video and audio. Stockbrokers are able to view current trading values, newscasters can report live from Iraq, common citizens can say hi to relatives overseas through video cam or YouTube and you can pull up information on how to make a margarita on Google in about 0.2 seconds. The Web offers endless possibilities.
However, the Web could be Us/Ing us. By communicating over the Web, people lose out on the face-to-face conversation and social interactions. The Web links millions of strangers together everyday, which could result in some dangerous activity. New, extravagant, make-believe identities are exchanged amongst people that correspond through online chat rooms, dating services and even college campuses. How do you know who I say I am without meeting me in person? Identities are not only changed but also stolen. A great hacker could obtain extremely personal or confidental information that is not for public viewing. As a result their is a lack of privacy. Even though the Web is convenient for email, writing suffers. The exchange of informal emails produces a lack of properly written, informative proposals to superiors.
Overall, I would say the Web is a quick and convenient way to communicate and conduct business. Nothing is perfect and all great things or people have flaws. The Web's advantages greatly exceed its disadvantages. So, if you are careful enough to minimize these flaws then the Web provides an abundant wealth of knowledge that is waiting for you to access or Google.

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