Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Word of Wisdom

So I'll offer a few words of wisdom to next semester's students in Angela Rogers' Business Writing class. At first things may seem a little overwhelming,writing the blog every Sunday, completing the daily assignments, learning the daily lessons and looking to the future at the multiple presentations and portfolio creations, but the key is to plan your work schedule for the current weeks assignments. Here are my suggestions:
  • Print out the PowerPoint slides and taking quality notes
  • Write the weekly blogs, they are a small 10 points that add up to a lot in the end.
  • Take good notes during the 5 Minute Review for the grammar quiz
  • Attend class-I know this might sound crazy but it's really interesting and you learn a lot about business writing
You will create a resume, a cover letter, conduct a mock interview, learn the difference between direct and indirect organizational styles and when to apply each and how to conduct quality presentation. If you are taking this class, you're in luck!

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